Thursday, January 10, 2008

We are Blessed...

I know that I have not been able to post anything for quite awhile. The winter does bites. Good thing though that I am not affected by this thing they call "Winter Blues". But I could say that winter has affected my visits to the library for internet access. It's been pretty cold & not to mention its difficult walking since paths are really slippery because of the ice. And try walking on icy sidewalk with a pretty excited toddler, its not even close to difficult. And yet through all that we're able settle down this winter.

Fortunately, we got a very good sum of money from Thammee's separation pay which lead him to the idea of getting our own PC. I am honestly reluctant of a big purchase here, but we have calculated everything and so far it was ok. So I that is how I have internet access at home. Its really funny how he claims it to be "your" PC.But right now I'm really happy for all that we have, and happy about our current situation.

Anyway, we have tried to figure out right now which State will be good for us. I guess its because DH wants to know as early as now which place we can settle down.I have been checking out the States that we could consider like WA, FL, AZ & TX..But it all boiled down that I have to take my exams. Right now, I have never stopped questioning will practicing my profession be the one for me. I could honestly say that I still doubt that until now. But, the only time I can truly say for myself that I am successful is when I am practicing my profession. Confusing I know but this is what goes in my mind.

What I would really like is to have a business of my own.Something that wont keep mye away from taking care of my son. I really want to stay home and the same time earn. So I guess that is it. One of these days I will talk to DH about it.