Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Peach Experience

Chuko called today. We were having a chat, I wasnt really expecting a call since the it was still early. I was busy frying the omelet.I missed my brother so dear.We talked mostly about my experience here. And about the food adjustment.He sounded okay.After about 20mins.he gave the phone to my mom.SHe was also asking me about how things are & how much I have adjusted.I told here the food is quite my issue for now. Especially with the limited ingredients.Then she asked have I tried fresh strawberries already? I said not yet & I dont think they are in season now. But I was proud to tell her about my first fresh peaches experience.I told her that the texture is so close to mangga rosso.I then asked myself, when can I be able to eat that again?I remembered it now it was last sunday I had my peach, it was only my baby boy who enjoyed eating it.I was happy because it was always pleasurable for me to see my baby eating fruits. far?
I felt like crying in mass today because of once certain hymn the choir sang. I wasnt familiar to that song really but the melody & how they sang it made me think of home. But I held back so I wouldnt cry. As we were strolling downtown after mass, there was one billboard I saw. "YOU ARE HERE! WHERE'S YOUR FAMILY?" I said out loud "Here with me in OHIO".It struck me now when I visited my forum that, home is US now.