Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why the Soy?

It was rather a very amusing display for a meal. It had a very small portions yet very fullfilling I might say. But nothing else caught my eye upon the sight of tiny fish-like shaped plastic filled with a rather familiar color of condiment. I believe California Maki was on the menu in our NWA flight to detroit. Then instantly I figured out that it was soy sauce. I was filled with joy, and somehow find it rather funny at my own childish reaction to the sauce. It tasted different compared to the one I use at home with my adobo, but to me it was a little bit of home in a small fish-shaped plastic...

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This cute vessel was also the very source of my arguement with Thammee since I insisted that I carry it with me as our plane was ready to land. He was very firm in telling me that I should not carry any food as we are going to be inspected in the airport. I was determined to carry it with me to Ohio as it would be the inspiration or "the title" of my new blog. He find it ridiculous but I was serious. So we emptied the contents & I took the container & placed it in my pocket.

Two days later, I was in my beautiful kitchen. Cooking my adobo & now I realized that I was trully in a different world... Im in the other side of the world...