Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breaking the Rules

Yesterday, I broke my own rule - No Specials on Weekdays Rule. Since I've decided to lose some weight I had to change my cooking habits as well. But its just  been so long since I've wanted to try this Puto recipe from PinoyCook.net. I did it and I was pleased  Thammee loves it. I also wanted to try my new silicone mini baking cups, they were fabulous with portion control *winks*. And I kept reminding my guilty self that it didn't have any egg yolks in them. :) Now what to do with the yolks?


Manang said...

throw them my way and I will use for ensaymada or cinnamon rolls!

WonderWoman said...

hahaha! I already added them to my macaroni chicken soup, which surprisingly is this week's favorite of my son. Thanks for dropping by.