Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Could it be?

In my previous blog entry about my weight I mentioned that I will weighed myself again after a month. But I just couldn't help myself last weekend and decided to peek how much progress I've made for the week. My scale read : 143lbs. I was ecstatic and told Thammee about my achievement. But I was still in doubt of 2lb. drop, so I weighed myself again today. Unexpectedly, I guess I must have made clear progress since its 140 now. 

So I changed my weight loss ticker:

Right now I'm happy but doubtful and asking myself how I managed to lose 5lbs. in 1 week? I don't know if the Wii-kend helped me lose it and its the reason my shoulder is painful right now. I don't feel lighter but I feel hungry..hehehe! Well, at least I see an improvement for my sacrifices. But I am hoping that I will lose more flab than the weight since that has always been my issue.