Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Peach Experience

Chuko called today. We were having a chat, I wasnt really expecting a call since the it was still early. I was busy frying the omelet.I missed my brother so dear.We talked mostly about my experience here. And about the food adjustment.He sounded okay.After about 20mins.he gave the phone to my mom.SHe was also asking me about how things are & how much I have adjusted.I told here the food is quite my issue for now. Especially with the limited ingredients.Then she asked have I tried fresh strawberries already? I said not yet & I dont think they are in season now. But I was proud to tell her about my first fresh peaches experience.I told her that the texture is so close to mangga rosso.I then asked myself, when can I be able to eat that again?I remembered it now it was last sunday I had my peach, it was only my baby boy who enjoyed eating it.I was happy because it was always pleasurable for me to see my baby eating fruits. far?
I felt like crying in mass today because of once certain hymn the choir sang. I wasnt familiar to that song really but the melody & how they sang it made me think of home. But I held back so I wouldnt cry. As we were strolling downtown after mass, there was one billboard I saw. "YOU ARE HERE! WHERE'S YOUR FAMILY?" I said out loud "Here with me in OHIO".It struck me now when I visited my forum that, home is US now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

W I E R a good way

It would be somehow useless if I discuss in detail the longest 2 days of my life - Our Trip to the US. If I may say in my native tongue, "bahaw na". This is actually my second attempt to write an entry to this blog.Last time this prompt from the library had deleted everything.WAAAAH!

In my attempt to vent all my "chopsuey" emotions, I have to come to Birchard everyday. So I guess this is it. I have been trying to keep my emotions up even my kitchen was ruined, last week. A fire broke which resutled from neglence. I wish I could keep myself from bitching about it but it was totally obvious. And I could say, "Ana jud cya?!".But life must go on. Good thing I wont be the one to clean it.

Good things:
Jason - hubby's supe gave us a sack of rice. It was the kindest gesture we have ever recieved from a total pinoy stranger. I think in some way he must have handed down that small piece of ritual or tradition that new pinoys here should get a sack. He said too which I dont think I will ever forget, the first year is the toughest and after that its just going to be a breeze. Well, at least I hope so. Aside from the sack, he took us to AppleBee's for a very sumptous dinner.It was Quesadilla Burger for me & thier fries was great. But thinking back, NeoNeo's menu was still the best. I miss Filipino food so bad. I wish I could have some of those SUTUKIL here. I find it ironic that now I am here I really miss being back home...

My Fascination...
Walmart, last Friday it was the first time I used to pay in dollars then Thammee asked "unsay feeling nimo". I said weird... a nice way cya and I smiled...Next was paying for the treasures we found at a catholic church's garage sale - Furball, Bebos' new friend, his books, a set of transparent but good Jar set..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why the Soy?

It was rather a very amusing display for a meal. It had a very small portions yet very fullfilling I might say. But nothing else caught my eye upon the sight of tiny fish-like shaped plastic filled with a rather familiar color of condiment. I believe California Maki was on the menu in our NWA flight to detroit. Then instantly I figured out that it was soy sauce. I was filled with joy, and somehow find it rather funny at my own childish reaction to the sauce. It tasted different compared to the one I use at home with my adobo, but to me it was a little bit of home in a small fish-shaped plastic...

100_0730 - Share on Ovi

This cute vessel was also the very source of my arguement with Thammee since I insisted that I carry it with me as our plane was ready to land. He was very firm in telling me that I should not carry any food as we are going to be inspected in the airport. I was determined to carry it with me to Ohio as it would be the inspiration or "the title" of my new blog. He find it ridiculous but I was serious. So we emptied the contents & I took the container & placed it in my pocket.

Two days later, I was in my beautiful kitchen. Cooking my adobo & now I realized that I was trully in a different world... Im in the other side of the world...