Thursday, March 12, 2009

Learning the Hard Way..

"Make a back-up"... this is one I learned the hard way when I realized that my freebie account was just recently deleted. My email linked to a Friendster account and 2 websites ( which contained my new mommy & baby journals of my son) was totally gone forever and cannot be retrieved in any means. I was always aware of the fact that it will not be mine forever but I was always procrastinating on finding time to make a back-up.

For a sentimental person like me it is hard to accept that I lost all those journal entries of my 2 websites. Eventhough it was not updated most of the time, those entries were written memories that I treasured so much. When my sister asked me, " so you lost the pictures, no back-ups"? I felt stupid for letting this happened to me. Yes, the pictures are there but no entries and that simply makes me sad.

But then life goes on, and you learn your lesson. Now I am officially back, back from my supposedly-one-and-only blog/website since I arrived here in the US. I guess this the first official entry to my "Life Lessons to ME" label.

Lesson #1 Make Back Up - for everything!