Friday, March 13, 2009

Something Fishy

Since I got here in the US, I never failed to have a craving for fish. You rarely can get it fresh in this part of the East Coast. And as far as I can remember fish was always fresh from where I came from. The variety of seafood are so many that each time I think of it I often ask myself when the day would come I can enjoy it again.
But anyway, its now lent so I make sure that we observe the No-Meat Fridays. And having little options I decided to make my mom's fish ball recipe. I did not exactly follow what she told me to do but somehow I think it didn't turn out bad.
Tilapia was my only choice of fish since the taste is already familiar and its the only practical kind I can get here. When I was making this I remembered a poached fish recipe. Curious enough I looked it up in the dictionary what poached meant, its "to cook in a boiling or simmering liquid". Another cooking term discovered, and another way of making food sound fancy.
My hope now just like always after every food experiment I have is that Thammee will enjoy it.(its his lunch for today). As for the rest of the fish ball, its frozen for my future recipe - meatless pancit.


Shey said...

Hi, same here. I always crave for fish since I got here in the US. I make sure I buy bangus or tilapia when I go to the market.

You mentioned a template. Seems I can't go there. Want me to check it out? Thanks!